Military Member Who Wants A Job At Barstool? We Got The Scoop On How To Do Just That

BLOGGER'S NOTE ABOUT THUMBNAIL PICTURE: Before we get going, I understand where that couch is from. Im just doin a little interview goofin. But, let me just clarify for the haters and losers, you do not get a job here suckin dick or nothin like that. I want the record to be very clear about that. I did not suck any dicks to get this job. AT ALL. I probably would have but it was never brought up or even alluded to. Since I started here, plenty of commenters have told me to suck their dick but that's my choice and a request despite the way that it is phrased. I can or cannot if I want to. I do not want to suck a dick at this time. Thank you. 

I got super lucky after finishing up college when I retired from the Marine Corps. I went on two job interviews. One was for a now-defunct fantasy football site and that job would have been a fucking disaster. They wanted me to do a post-day sports wrap-up show nightly on periscope of youtube. I'd breakdown what happened that day in sports. I got the job but would have been TERRIBLE at that. Can you imagine me.... writing and talking about sports? I mean, my beloved Astros, Jaguars, Mississippi State Bulldogs, UTSA Roadrunners, and New Jersey Devils are obvious talkin points for me but you don't wanna hear what ole Mo Vaugh did last night from me. That's for sure. You want Mo Vaughn news, you go somewhere else, bub. The other job was at a San Antonio radio station. They were gonna hire me to produce an evening radio show about traffic. Exciting! But, I got lucky and landed here. 

I'm glad I didn't have to go on many more interviews because, if I did, I would have made a fool of myself. Listen to the interview with Erika is you need some job huntin advice.