Porter Moser Has Accepted A 6 Year Deal To Become The New Head Coach At Choke Artist University AKA Oklahoma

This fuckin sucks. No other way to put it. 

The best coach in Chicago, and in my opinion all of college basketball. He got real talented kids excited to come and play in Rogers Park, and he got every ounce out of every kid and each one of them bought 110% into his system. 

Why a Naperville native would want to go live in the dust bowl and coach a university known for writing the definition on underachieving (no offense to The Boz) when he had the city of Chicago in the palm of his hand and talent upon talent coming down the pipeline is beyond me but I guess everybody really does have a price.

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Word is Loyola came to play in attempting to match the money but when you're going against the Gaylord family you'll never be able to outbid…

The salt in the wound here is back in 2018 Loyola had a successor all lined up in Bryan Mullins but he got snatched away by Southern Illinois. 

Can't thank Porter enough for making this program relevant and leading us to a Final Four and Sweet Sixteen, and an *Illinois State Championship.

All I know is whoever comes in better keep Clayton Custer on board or I'll have to take a drive up Sheridan.