We Have Finally Won The War For Subtitles

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For years there's been a war waging on. I'd say it started when Netflix first really popped off and until recently there's been bloodshed over it: do you watch TV with subtitles on or are you insane? Finally, unveils George Bush Mission Accomplished banner the battle has been won. At this point if you don't watch with subtitles on you're downright abnormal. I'm not gonna exaggerate and say you're a lunatic or whatever, but you're absolutely in the minority. You're not regular. Subtitles provide so, so much. There's something to read so you don't have the desire to look at your phone, you hear conversations you didn't even know you were supposed to be able to hear, you learn character names better, you pick up on small details you wouldn't have before, you don't have to rewind because you were eating a bunch of chips and couldn't hear the TV over your fat mouth. They simply provide endless benefits with little to no downside. 

And the best part? When they describe sounds. Fuckin' cracks me up every time when even in a serious, or scary, scene you'll get hit with a [heavy breathing]. I remember that one from Logan Roy angrily walking up the stairs. It's perfect comedic relief for even the most tense situations. Watching a horror where someone is about to get killed? Well then, [ominous music] is gonna give you a laugh before that co-ed gets slashed. [Dance music playing] is somehow more enjoyable than the actual music and [awkward laughing] is absolutely more cringe inducing than the laughter itself. The sound subtitles are worth the price of admission even if you don't like the other ones.

That's why we made the subtitle series for sweatshirts. Express your emotion without ever having to open your mouth, that's a win win. (by the way the material on these hoodies is probably the best we've ever put out. These are LEGIT sweatshirts)