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MLB Has Now Postponed The Entire Mets-Nationals Series This Weekend Due To COVID-19 Concerns

We're on to Philadelphia! Unless either team gets a COVID scare in the coming days, in which case we are on to Miami! Hopefully! Obviously here's to everyone in the Nats organization being happy and healthy sooner rather than later.

But as a Mets fan/blogger/professional idiot I have to cover this from the Mets angle and I swear it feels like the Mets have been living in baseball purgatory forever now. From the Wilpons half measuring us to hell for years to whatever half baked coronaseason MLB gave us to Uncle Stevie owning the team then not owning the team then owning the team again to Opening Day turning to Nopening Day twice so far. 

If Rob Manfred had a heart and/or a brain, which I don't think he has either of to be clear, he would switch first pitch to 1 PM so we could get the an actual Opening Day instead of Opening Night at the same time as what some are saying could be the most anticipated National Championship game ever.

Whatever, we are getting 96 wins this season even if every game is part of a 7 inning corona doubleheader. LFG motherfucking M.

For all the Mets fans with time to burn, you can check me out on the We Gotta Believe YouTube page where I will be doing quick hits on all the good, bad, and Metsy coming out of Flushing this season (obligatory subscribe, upvote, and comment so Portnoy doesn't give me a pink slip).

As well as our Opening Day episode of We Gotta Believe, which has somehow become evergreen content since we may not have an Opening Day this season, if ever again.