Jose Abreu Of THE Chicago White Sox Can Make YOU Money Tonight And Here's How

Last year, the White Sox massacred LHP - granted it was only a 60 game season, but they didn't lose a single game in which they saw a LH starter all of last year:

And now YOU, yes YOU, can use that to your advantage. 

But WSD you fat twat, how can we do that? You're full of shit!!!

1. It's actually quite simple. If you're located in PA, MI and of course IL, you download the Barstool Sportsbook app:

2. Click the "Exclusives" tab

3. Click "more bet with Barstool" 

4. And bet with yours truly, WSD, on Jose Abreu going yard tonight. +600 value boosted from +500 or so. That's really fucking good value for someone who's done this over the course of his career against LHP:

5. Hope that he runs into one for a 4 bagger

Simple as that! I love this bet, I truly do, and you should too. It's very good value and I'm of the opinion that you should responsibly wager on this prop any time we have it, which will be any time the White Sox face a LHP this year. 

Go White Sox and Viva Jose Abreu

Yours Truly,