Dwyane Wade Asking Aaron Gordon About His Jersey Number Was Pretty Damn Awkward

Before we get into that clip, how about the Nuggets? Winners of 4 straight, a wire to wire win over the Clippers in what was a huge Western Conference matchup, Aaron Gordon looks to be fitting right in and Jokic is at the moment the clear favorite for MVP. Should they be getting a little more love? Probably. It feels like when it comes to the Nuggets people are hesitant to believe in them. That's a little confusing since they have the NBA's 3rd best offense and 5th best net rating. Their defense needs to be better no doubt about that, but again, insert Aaron Gordon. They've had a 107 Drtg since he arrived which would be pretty much around where the Jazz are on the season (3rd). There's reason to believe they can improve on that end to close out the season with what Gordon brings on that end.

This is a team that's hitting their stride and is just 1 game out of a top 3 seed. The Lakers will probably continue to slide a little bit due to no fault of their own, their two best players have been out for weeks and the Clippers have now dropped 2 straight. One bad week could really shake things up in the West, that's how close things are. Don't be surprised if we see the Nuggets make a run, that's all I'm trying to say.

But back to the clip. This has to be a bit right? There's no way DWade didn't know why Aaron Gordon chose 50. I feel like he's already talked about it publicly. I'll be honest it was a little awkward. Is it a little strange that Aaron Gordon cares this much about a dunk contest? Maybe. But the man has a legit point. Nobody has gotten screwed more than Gordon when it comes to the dunk contest. It's wild to me that he has the most 50s and 0 dunk contest titles. If you thought this was just an excuse blog so we could all watch his dunk contest highlights again, you're partly right

It's a damn shame he now refuses to ever participate in a dunk contest again. God dammit DWade. You just had to ruin it for the rest of us. 

As always though, Shaq came through with the best line of the night

Sure Shaq might not know shit about defending P&R in today's NBA, or know absolutely anything about the young talent in the league, but these are the moments why he's so great on TV. DWade could not have looked more uncomfortable. Just a perfect dig in the moment.

Seriously though, Gordon looks to be fitting in perfectly on this Nuggets team. Playing off Jokic is only going to make him better, MPJ looks great in his semi-new role where he only now has to worry about scoring and there are a lot of reasons to be excited as a Nuggets fan right now