The NCAA Had To Delete A Promo Video For The Women's Final Four Because They Just Flat Out Didn't Put Arizona In It

If this isn't peak NCAA right now I don't know what is. do you just not put one of four teams in a promo video? You'd think someone would be like hey it's the Final Four, I only see three teams. I know more than one person looks at this video before it's sent to the public. I know it's pretty easy to count to 4. You'd think someone within the NCAA marketing/social team would be like uhh something seems off. There's UConn. There's Stanford. There's South Carolina. GOOD TO GO! Not only that but Arizona is the only non-1 seed to make it. You'd think they might even get a little part as the outlier here. Actually, peak NCAA is this happening as Mark Emmert is saying how things like this can't happen.

 At least the Arizona players made a joke about it all: 

Nobody knows how to shoot themselves in the foot like the NCAA. Again, it's really not that difficult to make sure four teams are shown in a video. I need to be in the meeting when the NCAA realized they fucked up. Just someone sitting there counting like uhh yeah that's right there are 4 teams in the Final Four. It's good to know the more things change the more the NCAA fucking up will always be in our lives.