Dickie V Has Reached Peak Crazy Ass Old Man - He's Ranting And Comparing College Basketball Players Transferring To Divorce

*Assume this blog is just screaming because that's all Dick Vitale does* 

What the fuck man? This is one of the problems in college basketball. Listen, I have a soft spot for Dick Vitale. We grew up listening to him. He's the voice that you think of first with college basketball. But it's time to get him the fuck out of the game. He picks and chooses these random ass fights and rants. We know what he's done in terms of backing Pitino and refusing to say anything about Bill Self to just scream about Will Wade and Sean Miller (they are all facing the same violations). And now this? 

Let me be clear. SHUT THE FUCK UP, DICK. 

Let's look at this logically, something Dickie V can't do. Why are there more transfers than ever right now? First, there's a bigger player pool. Seems like people seem to forget that everyone had a free year of eligibility so you're looking at roughly 1,000 extra players staying in college basketball. Pretty important stat. Especially important since there's a trickle down effect here. Recruits are still coming in. Players are still in college. Minutes have to go somewhere. Why would not transfer to play somewhere? Second, it's the first year of being able to transfer without sitting out. Of course people are going to take advantage of that in year one. 

Not to mention, who gives a shit? Why do people care if people transfer? If you're going to scream that they are STUDENT-athletes, then why do we let every other single person transfer? Can't have it both ways. Can't sit there and say college basketball players have to stay at the same school while still being student-athletes. Just showing how dumb everything is with the NCAA. I just don't understand why people care if people transfer or not. 

Comparing it to divorce though? That's a sign of someone losing it. That's a sign of someone who needs to step away from the game. Wanting Roy Williams who claimed transfers and NIL is the reason he's stepping away from the game? Yeah, let's make him in charge! Great idea you crazy ass old man. 

Hey, Dick. Just a quick question. Do you remember when you bounced on Detroit University to go coach the Pistons? What was that? Leaving players in the dark. Leaving a program, that's a mid-major? Hmm. Makes you think.