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Eloy Jimenez Is NOT Dead, And Nor Are The White Sox

I saw this tweet tonight and thought, "Jesus the dude didn't die" but was too focused on the game itself to give a shit about it. Probably pretty stupid due to the fact that multiple Angels' players have died in the last handful of years out of nowhere, but it was just whatever to me. I was focused on who CAN play tonight, not who cannot. Out was Eloy, In is Leury.... hitting 6th. Get the fuck outta my face with Leury Garcia in the lineup. The ONLY time he should be playing is in garbage time and as a late inning defensive sub. Him rolling over pitches to the right side is the most predictable thing on the planet and it infuriates me they rolled with him to start game 1. It took Vaughn out of the lineup and in the end, it was a 1 run game. Who knows, Vaughn's bat could have made the difference. It's maddening. 

Gio was fantastic, though he did heighten his pitch count too much. Once the adrenaline of the new season dies down, he'll find the feel on his breaking stuff (which he did in the latter part of his performance tonight) and once he does, he'll be the best possible version of Lucas Giolito that we've seen yet. We saw glimpses of it tonight and he'll only continue to get better. Dude's an ace. 

In the end, dog shit opening night. Gotta have more offense. Eloy's loss is massive on this lineup, so the club has to become more accustomed to manufacturing runs. Robert did a great job of that with the double/stolen base earlier in the game, and it looked like that could be the difference before Gio gave the ball to the pen, but then that awful, AWFUL error by Madrigal went down and that was curtains. Madrigal was known as a defensive wizard when he was drafted. Time to fucking prove that dude. No more bullshit like that. 

See ya'll tomorrow. Eloy isn't dead. He's very alive and he'll be a great end of the season pickup for the offense.