Cleveland Radio Host Absolutely BODIED A Caller For Being An "Idiot Ignoramus"

You call into Bruce Drennan's show you better have your ducks in a fucking row. Otherwise? Brucey Boy is gonna roll you up and smoke you in 4K. You know you've completely obliterated your competition when you say "I've got a few names I'd like to call him," mere seconds after screaming down his throat that he's an ignoramus. Ignoramus is just foreplay to a legend like Drennan. Guy barely warmed up his insult machine and you're already on the receiving end of the dial tone. Signed, sealed, delivered, dead. 

The part I truly care about in this entire ordeal is getting into a screaming match on Opening Day of the 2021 Cleveland Baseball Team over FRANMIL REYES. Now, Fran's no slouch. He hit 37 bombs the last time there was a real baseball season. But this has to be one of the more random players to engage in a screaming match about at any point of the season. I don't think there's ever been cause for anyone to ever raise their voice above a Sunday morning tone with Franmil as the topic of conversation. I know what Cleveland is going through, seeing Lindor sign a huge extension months after being traded away is the same as watching Mookie in Dodger blue. But you can't get to screaming over Franmil Reyes nine innings into the season on live television and radio simultaneously. Save that energy for when you trade away Jose Ramirez at the deadline.