"Ready To Kick Some ASS! I'm From West By God Virginia And If Any Of You Pennsylvania Girls Want It COME AND GET IT!" -The Pink Panther

Rough N' Rowdy 14 promo starts tomorrow and although we already have some VERY legit title fights on the card for Play Barstool (4'5'' Dylan Postl AKA formerly Hornswaggle vs 4'5'' BMFM Dynamite, Lights Out Laing vs Trapzilla, also apparently there's a pregnant ring girl coming?) there's still a few fighters we need to match up before April 23rd. 

None more than Hallie Young AKA The Pink Panther who's coming to Morgantown to represent for West BAH GAWD Virginia but still needs someone to brawl. We've looked for girls from Pitt, other spots in PA, really anywhere close with a pulse but no one has stepped up yet. I guess we shouldn't have let her throw such vicious jabs in her video? How the fuck are we gonna find anyone brave enough to face this now? 

Gonna be damn near impossible! But I have faith a badass chick from the great state of Pennsylvania will step on up here and submit their info on JoinRnR.com… We are calling this PPV "The REAL Backyard Brawl" after all so the more Pitt vs WVU fires we can start the better. 

The RnR 14 sizzle will be released this Friday along with most of our Main Event matchups too. Oh and did I mention we've completely revamped the RnR Ring Girl contest and now have it solely run by Nick Fuck & KB from ANUS? 

All I've heard so far is they're keeping eye contact with the girls 100% of the time and have also requested a working seismograph to measure twerking ass claps, amongst other items. 

Make sure you put the kids to bed PROMPTLY at 8 pm on 4/23. It's gonna be a fucking mess.