Yankees Go 0 For a Million With Runners In Scoring Position And Lose In Extras To Start The Season

JOHN ANGELILLO. Shutterstock Images.

Blue Jays 3 Yankees 2 F/10

Just a brutal, brutal Opening Day loss. All of that excitement right out the window with an 0-9 RISP effort. Calling that effort seems generous to be honest. Late in the game those at bats were basically non-existent. DJ, Judge, Hicks, and Stanton combining to go 1 for 18 with 8 strikeouts. What the fuck man? Gerrit Cole pitched plenty fine to get the win in this one, but the offense had nothing to show for him aside from Gary's two run bomb early on. That 9th inning with Tauchman stealing second to get things going, I mean how do you not score there? How? Just a pathetic effort offensively. The makeshift bullpen held their own very well too and you just waste it like that. That is one excruciating loss to start the year. 

Listen, it's one loss, but on Opening Day when Dave Portnoy needs the Yankees for his money line parlay, you really wanna get that W. Not great. I guess being sad about baseball means that baseball is back at least. Goddamit.