LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri Says the Tigers Got Swept Last Weekend Because Tennessee Fans Were Too Mean

It's been four days since LSU fell to 1-5 in SEC play after being swept in Knoxville, but Paul Mainieri still isn't over it and he says his team didn't play well because Tennessee fans were too mean.

I honestly can't believe that a guy who has won a national championship and has built one of the best baseball programs in the country actually went on a show where he knew his comments would be public and cried like that. Your team is so mentally fragile that it couldn't handle a reduced capacity crowd? If an SEC football coach did this, the local and national media would go ballistic. This has very big Butch Jones energy — he did once blame a loss on the fact that some players had never been on a plane before.

But I'm so happy that Tennessee baseball is in a position now to sweep a program like LSU and still have their head coach publicly crying about it nearly a week later. This is actually one of the funniest and best compliments anyone could have given UT. "Their fans got in our heads and their players were too excited while they were kicking our asses."

It's a real shame to see a guy as respected as Mainieri become so unhinged. Hopefully LSU figures it out soon, because their head coach might not be able to hold it together much longer.