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Sabermetrically Speaking, How Much WAR Is Leadership Worth?

Redline Radio got off to a weird start, as you can see above, but the VAST majority of this episode was about baseball because today is obviously opening day. The Cubs talk centered around Rizzo. Carl has been all over the Cubs for pissing in his face with this reported 5 year $70M contract offer. Its honestly a pathetic number given that it is half of what the Cardinals gave Paul Goldschmidt and what Rizzo has meant to the Cubs.

More than that...this deal is what Rizzo could mean to the Cubs going forward. That is what all contracts are about...the future. We know the future looks bleak for the Cubs right now. They're in this middling nowheresville with the 2016 core of Bryant, Baez, and Rizzo. All reports are that the Ricketts don't want to pay for anything. That means the end is near for this "era". Bryant and Baez are going to be traded for futures along with who knows what else. It's Opening Day, but winter is coming for the Cubs. Meanwhile, you have a guy that is so bought into the culture that he IS the culture in Anthony Rizzo. Put a C on his chest, a $100M in front of him and let him be the steward between this shit bag run for the next 2-3 years as the Cubs rebuild and be the leader and captain on a team that can hopefully compete for the Central Division in 2024-25. 

You've traded Darvish, you let Lester walk, you're trading Bryant and Baez....what do you need that extra money for? It's not going to be for free agents. It's not going towards winning. Put it towards the Sheriff. Give it to 44 because he's earned it and there is NO chance you regret it because that's the kind of guy he is. If you're winning 75 games with some young kids coming through the system at least you know those young kids are going to learn what it means to be a pro, what it means to be a Cub. How to play the right way. How to be a good guy. That's what Rizzo is all about. If the Cubs think he's only worth $14M a year on the field, that's fine. He is certainly worth another $6M/year(which is fucking nothing in baseball. The shittiest of shit bag shits get that much money in baseball) in all the intangibles. Sabermetrically speaking. 

If you're looking for the best baseball guys in the company giving you an opening day podcast, Redline Radio with WSD and Carl is the only place you need to start.

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