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Somebody Needs To Throw One High And Inside On Gritty If He Keeps Bat Flipping Like This

Well well well. If this isn't classic fucking Gritty. Buddy ALWAYS has to make everything about himself. The Flyers are absolute dog shit right now and this guy couldn't care less about it. All he cares about is showing off what a weapon he is on the baseball diamond. If Gritty actually cared about the Flyers, he'd keep his head down and lay low for a while. But no. He's a selfish prick who cares about the name on the back of the jersey more than the one on the front. 

And you know what? Somebody needs to send one screaming past his ear hole for disrespecting the game like this. 

You think you're bigger than the game, Gritty? If I were the Philly Phanatic, I'd kick his ass for this. Makes me sick watching this type of behavior. And to think about all the kids who are going to watch this video and think that's okay? Gritty is bad for the sport, he's bad for the Flyers, he's bad for the kids. I just hope he doesn't take the Phillies down with him. 

Though I'll admit that the man can rake. Moonshot after moonshot. No doubt in my mind he's on the juice.