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Tonight's Mets-Nationals Game Has Been Postponed Due To COVID Issues

Well that was a fun 12 hours of unlimited baseball joy! There's nothing like a quick reminder that we are still living in a fucked up COVID world to bring everyone down on the baseball holiday known as Opening Day, the Mets holiday known as Francisco Lindor Signing Day, and the calendar holiday known as April Fool's Day since a lot of people thought Buster Olney was breaking out what would've been one of the most fucked up April Fool's jokes ever. I guess this can't be that much of a surprise considering there were reports of someone with COVID in the Nats franchise along with 5 potential close contacts. Hopefully everyone involved is okay.

I don't know if this is going to end up with one of those funky 7 inning doubleheaders series between the teams scattered throughout the season or they can somehow get a full game in tomorrow afternoon. But if you want to find a spinzone in all this bullshit, at least we'll have Gary, Keith, and Ron announcing this game instead of A-Rod and company. Plus I get to tweet this again tomorrow. Or Saturday. Or at another date TBD because of that fuckhead virus.

FYI, sounds like Saturday at the earliest.

Well Mets fans, now that you have some extra time, listen to our special Opening Day x Lindor Day episode of We Gotta Believe that we recorded in celebration this morning.