A+ To These Parents That Told Their Kids Baker Mayfield Was Traded To The Steelers This Morning

Listen I think April Fools Day sucks. Anyone that fills an Oreo with toothpaste should be strapped into an electrical chair. And any brand that is trying to trick people today can kick rocks, too. Yeah it was funny like 10 years ago, but now everyone is expecting it and it's just lame. Like, no, I don't think the local taco shop is announcing the sale of new queso flavored protein this morning.

But anyways, this prank sits well with me. First of all because it's to kids. I love to see kids cry. And second because this was the perfect prank to unsuspecting candidates that obviously live and die with the Browns.....and especially Baker Mayfield.

If you would've told 10 year old Ohio's Tate that Charlie Frye was traded to the Steelers he would've reacted the same way. To the rival? After he did THIS to them in the PLAYOFFS?

Best part of the video is where the one brother finds out it's a joke and starts laughing, so the parents say "Good joke, right?" and the little brother throws the remote and screams "BAD JOKE!". I feel your pain, little man. This is not funny to be on the butt end of. He could've thrown the remote through the TV right there and not gotten in trouble. When you're on the receiving end of a prank like this, you have about 10 seconds to rage however you want. I'm surprised we didn't hear little Jimmy's first F word.

Thank God it's April 1st though. Baker's still our guy.