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The Indians Might Actually Win More Games This Year, But That's Because We Only Played 60 Last Season

162-0? I usually love the Indians social media team, but come on guys. This is not the time to be cute nor funny. Not when our ownership has once again confirmed that they'd rather find $5 on the ground than put a quality team out on the field. Not when the morale of the fan base is at an all-time low. Obviously 162-0 is hyperbole, but this team ain't even competing for a Division Title this year. Not when the White Sox and Twins are in the AL Central. And not when the Tigers take the field today at 1:10 pm and JORDAN LUPLOW digs into the box for the Indians. Talk about a confidence gainer for the other starting pitcher. Are my memory compartments broken or did he hit below .200 last season? 

Now with that being said, I do think the Indians will win more games than last season, one in which we made the postseason. Then again, it was a covid shortened year in which we only played 60 games. But either way, I would like to go on record and say that the Tribe will win more than 35 games this season. Anything more than that, I cannot guarantee. 

I just wish the Dolans would wake up and tweet "April fools" this morning. Not just for how we handled this offseason, but for how we've handled developing our young talent just to trade them or watch them walk for each and every year they've been here. Seeing Lindor sign late last night, although it wasn't a number that we could "afford", was still a kick in the gut. Baseball is not fair. It sucks that the Mets, Yankees, and Dodgers can operate the way they do. The rules are rigged against teams like Cleveland, but there's also no rule saying that our owner needs to be cheaper than dirt. Come on Dan Gilbert! Buy the team!!! If we could just get an owner that's willing to take a couple bucks out of their piggy bank, then our offseason wouldn't look like this anymore:

Key Subtractions: Francisco Lindor, Carlos Carrasco, Carlos Santana, Delino DeShields Jr., Tyler Naquin, Brad Hand

Key Additions: Amed Rosario, Andrés Giménez

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Whatever, It looks like the pitching staff is going to have to be the backbone of this team once again. I truly feel bad for Shane Bieber. He's clearly one of, if not the best, pitchers in all of baseball. But he's allowed to give up 1 run per game if he wants to register any Wins this season. Honestly, as soon as he gives up his 2nd run, I think we should take him out and go to the bullpen. Maybe he can pitch every 3 or 4 days? Pitch until he gives up that deadly 2nd run, and then get him out. 

I'm in on Plesac, Civale, and McKenzie as well, but wasn't it more comforting when we had Kluber, Clevinger, and Carrasco? The decimation of this team will sting even more as we look around the league this first week and watch all of our former players shine. And I kinda hope they do. Anything to get the fans even more mad at ownership and hopefully get a change here at some point.

Anyways, I hope we can fight for that Wildcard Game. Keep us playing important baseball games into July and August and I'll call this season a success. I haven't had a baseball season where we were out of it by summer in so long, and I'm not sure how I'd react this year. Do people watch a 55-70 team midway through the summer? Not when the Browns are in training camp I can tell you that….