People Are Seemingly Freaking Out That Stan Bowman Has Been Named GM Of Team USA...

I was not going to blog this story. Mostly because I blogged it like 2 months ago when it was first rumored. However, I've received many(dozen((s)) of messages from concerned people. 

"What the fuck is this?"

"Are we fucked?"

"Is Putin interfering with the US selection process?"

My official response:

It's going to be fineeeeeee. Everyone chill. There is no salary cap. There is no draft. There's no other GMs to trade with. All Stan and his guys like Billy Guerin have to do is look at a sheet of paper and pick the right 23 or so guys. It's going to be fine. This is going to be the best and deepest USA Hockey team of our lifetime. What is Stan going to do? Trade Auston Matthews for some guy on CSKA Moscow? Of course not. Kane, Matthews, Eichel, Gaudreau, Slavin, Jones, Werenski, McAvoy, the Tkachuk brothers, Blake Wheeler, Dylan Larkin, Brock Boesser, John Carlsson, Kyle Connor. Who could mess that up? Maybe he will even select Farabee or K'Andre Miller like he should've done for the Hawks a couple years ago. Who knows. It's impossible to have a "bad team" from this group. 

The biggest decisions will probably be around Alex Debrincat. The team is pretty deep at wing, but it'd be impossible to leave Debrincat off of the team if he keeps producing at this level. 

The other big question is who could be the head coach. There is one man that always gets passed over by Canada in favor of Babcock. A man who has lived in the United States much longer than he ever lived in Canada. A man with American children. A man with an all-American mustache. A man who has become a US Citizen. Do. It. 

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