Would You Rather Bet $1 Million On Justin Verlander Throwing 100 Straight Strikes, Steph Curry Sinking 100 Straight Free Throws or Justin Tucker Hitting 100 Straight 40-Yard Field Goals?

This is the best sports hypothetical I've heard in recent memory. Usually, they're something like getting 24 hours to make a hole-in-one on a par 3 for $1,000,000 but if you don't make one, you go to jail or something like that. And most people hype themselves up and say they could do it.

But this one is great because you have to think about whose hands you're going to place your fate in when it's up to somebody else. In this scenario, you're betting $1,000,000 and can pick from one of the following: Steph Curry making 100 straight free throws, Justin Tucker making 100 straight 40-yard field goals or Justin Verlander throwing 100 straight strikes at any speed he wants.

Immediately, my mind went to Verlander. Back to what I said about people overestimating their own abilities in these scenarios, I think I could probably throw 60 straight strikes or so if I could just lob it in there every time. So surely a Hall of Fame Pitcher could get to 100, right? But then I also think that he's so used to throwing at 95 MPH that intentionally trying to throw it 70 every time off the mound might get him out of rhythm.

I looked up Justin Tucker's career numbers and he's 87-96 from 40-49 yards. This actually made me consider him far more than I did off the bat because if he's hitting at a 90 percent clip — and many of those are obviously farther than 40 yards — with guys trying to block the kick and relying on a good snap and hold, I'd take my chances with 100 straight off a tee and no opposition.

Curry is out for me. I have no doubt in my mind he could make 100 free throws in a row, there's just too much variance. Even if you're straight on every time, it only takes one funny bounce off the back of the rim to lip out and ruin the whole thing.

But when it comes down to it, I think I talked myself into Tucker. He's 162-165 for his career from 20-39 yards and that's going as quickly as possible with very large men trying to block the kick. Forty yards out off a tee is a cakewalk.