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Final Four Sabermetric Stat Of The Year - This Is The First Time Ever That All 4 Teams Are West Of The Mississippi River

Oh hell yeah. These are the type of stats I'm here for. I love the social media manager who had to fire that tweet out at 1:15 in the morning. No rest to draw the Mississippi River and throw in a Travolta gif. Now we have one of the weird streaks potentially coming to an end. A west coast team hasn't won the title since 1997 and Arizona. Man that Arizona team was loaded with Mike Bibby, Miles Simon, Michael Dickerson and Jason Terry. It is kinda wild that no team east of the Mississippi made the Final Four. You had a loaded Big 10. You had Florida State and Alabama. There were plenty of options for a team east of the river to get there. We almost got the perfect Final Four. Michigan vs Gonzaga and Baylor vs Houston would have been ideal. That said, getting 3 of the top-6 teams to the Final Four is pretty close. I still just am cheering for Baylor vs Gonzaga in the title game. That's a perfect Tournament. Upsets early and we get to see the two best teams play each other. It's exactly what we should be cheering for unless you're a Houston or UCLA fan. 

I just love stupid stats like this. It means nothing but everything all at once. It's at least a more real stat than when people use an arbitrary number just to prove a point. Like Loyola this year, they kept using the stat 'Loyola has the best winning percentage in the NCAA Tournament' except they snuck in the caveat that it was 20 games total. This is your sabermetric stat of the Final Four though.