Kelly Clarkson CRUSHED Her Cover of George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You"

Few things here.

1- if you dislike Kelly Clarkson, or don't recognize her talent, you have rocks in your head.

2- could do with or without her daytime show before today, but if she's doing covers of jams like this regularly then why is this the first I'm hearing of it?

3- I'm well on the record as stating George Harrison was not only the most handsome Beatle of the group, but that "Got My Mind Set On You" is my go-to secret weapon. One of the best party songs of all time.

4- OG Stoolies will remember that one of Dave's most amazing skills, perhaps his greatest even, was predicting who would win "American Idol" during the first week of try-outs. Honestly, I think he prognosticated (big J word) like 4 out of the first 5 with his only miss coming in second. It was incredibly impressive and it all started with Kelly Clarkson trouncing that never-was Justin Guarini.

Giphy Images.

All that said, Kelly Clarkson holds a special place in our hearts, and not just because she was nice to me when we played the NFL's Super Bowl LII Pregame Show in Minneapolis together. The girl's voice is BOOMING. And she has range for days. She also writes her own shit, which if you know anything about me you know garners instant respect points from me. 

So yes, this cover fucks. The only downside to it is it was not even 2 minutes long. Fuck network TV. 

Fun fact- "Got My Mind Set On You" was actually covered by George Harrison himself. The original was by James Ray and Harrison licensed it for release in 1987 as part of his 11th studio album, Cloud Nine

It became his third and last solo No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100.

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