Reporter Says A UNLV Player Is Transferring After Its Coach Said He Wouldn't Be On The Roster Because He Didn't Like Coaching Him, Player Calls Bullshit Immediately

Welcome to the story of David Jenkins. He's a 3-star recruit who followed TJ Otzelberger from South Dakota State to UNLV. He was their second leading scorer this past year at nearly 15 a game and shot 40% from three. Pretty good guy to have on the roster. Then his name popped up in the transfer portal. Not shocking. Otzelberger left for the Iowa State job and a bunch of people are transferring with the ability to transfer without sitting out. 

But the story of him being forced out? That's pretty important here. That's a huge thing to accuse a coach of doing. It's not necessarily a secret that coaches will force players out or recruit over them sort of making them leave. But to flat out say I don't like coaching you and there's not a spot for you on the roster? Yeah, those are serious allegations. Except, you know. There's this: 

Now call me crazy but the player saying it's false is a pretty good source. Some may say it's the best source. Jenkins has no reason to lie about the situation. Like I said, Otzelberger is already at Iowa State, so it's not like he's running from UNLV or anything like that. That's why the scoop game isn't for someone. You may, *may*, want to check with the player before you run with this story. See if they have anything to say about the story. 

I know everyone is freaking out about transfers and how many there are already but let's get to the point. First, there is a larger player pool. This past season was a free year of eligibility and people are taking advantage of that. Second, I just don't care. Players have a right to transfer like any other student and they are student-athletes, right? At least that's what's on the banner all over the NCAA Tournament. It's also the first year that we know of the ability to transfer without sitting out. I'm not going to overreact one way or the other based on this year.