Brian Windhorst Throwing Out That Steph Curry Might Join The Lakers Is Some Grade A Bullshit

There it is, there's the classic Windy speculation we all know and love. He knows what he's doing. This isn't an accident. Nobody throws shit out just to go viral like Windy. I'm just curious how exactly this happens? This topic of Curry's contract extension isn't exactly new, you may remember this from December

He didn't sign an extension, which might make you a little nervous as a Warriors fan, but their GM pretty much explained why. If he signed this year, the most he could get was 3/156M. If he waits, you can see that changes things a little bit

"He could sign a four-year deal after this season [or] a five-year deal after that," president of basketball operations Bob Myers explained Wednesday morning on 95.7 The Game's "Steiny, Guru & Dibs" show. "It wasn't anything that was difficult.

"No hard conversation. It was just, 'Hey, let's talk about it at the end of the year.' So it's really whatever he's hoping to do and wants to do."

If you think context is important, here's the clip of Windy saying this bullshit

Let's be honest, when was the last time Windhorst had a scoop about anything LeBron related? Over a decade ago? All he does is stir the pot so he can trend on Twitter. I remember when he did this exact same shit about Marcus Smart being offered in trades at the deadline this year. He knows what will gain traction on the internet, even if it's absolutely ridiculous.

And while I would say for most NBA players you can never say never, we're talking about Steph Curry. He's arguably the most loyal superstar player the league has. He's getting Klay Thompson back next year. The Warriors might have another high lottery pick this year to either use or flip. They're also going to max him out. What reason does he have to leave? Because he winked at LeBron during the All Star game? It's not like Curry needs to join a superteam to legitimize his career or anything like that. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not exactly sure Steph wants the Durant treatment when it comes to NBA fans. Make no mistake, he would be crushed if he left the only franchise he's ever known to go team up with LeBron and AD. I just cannot see it happening and the fact that it's coming from Windy makes me even more confident.

At the end of the day, his plan worked. Windhorst is currently trending on Twitter. I wrote this blog. While I can understand trying to troll Warriors Twitter, this is just sad.