I Am Absolutely Furious At MaCio Teague's Jumper Making No Sense Yet Being Absolutely Perfect

This makes absolutely no sense and I've watched MaCio Teague all year. Shit, I remember watching MaCio Teague at UNC-Asheville for two years. How does one even shoot like this? How do you start your motion with the hitch to get him in rhythm? It's not in the pull up which makes it different than say Markelle Fultz and that's the important part here. Actually, the important part here is the fact is Teague is a fucking awesome shooter. He's never shot worse than 35% from three in college. It makes no sense! 

I will say this though. The two main things here for Teague is the fact that 1) he's consistent with his form and 2) it's not in the pull up but more in the rhythm. It's ugly, no doubt about it. Hell, I saw the glitch compared to Charles Barkley's golf swing. I get it, difference is Teague is good. 

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And now Teague is a huge part for the 2nd best team in the country. The fact that Drew can put him in the corner to create space for Butler and Mitchell to drive. The fact Drew can have him run off screens for a clean look. It's infuriating. Our entire lives we were taught no hitch. We were taught BEEF, get that elbow in, straight up and down. Like I said, it makes no sense but he's one of the best shooters in the country so who gives a shit.