Oregon State Getting Back To The Hotel After Losing Only To Be Told To Pack Their Shit Up And Catch A 1:15am Flight Is Such A Kick In The Nuts

Listen, is this probably the norm? Sure. It's not exactly shocking that they are trying to get a team back to campus as fast as possible. But let's have some sense of the moment here guys. You just lost in the Elite Eight, you get back to the hotel thinking you can just crash, maybe spend one more night in the bubble with your guys. Nope. Get your shit and get the fuck outta here. At least that's what I assume some dusty hotel manger and NCAA employee told them. Not only that but they gotta fly across the country and then drive an hour just to get back to campus at 4am? Let the guys celebrate. Let the fans line up in Corvallis for their arrival. 

I know red eyes are the way to go when flying across the country, but maybe let the guys who played 40 minutes get one more night's sleep in a bed after the game. Trying to sleep on the plane? No thank you. You can't get comfortable. You hit some bumps. You're dealing with random time changes mid-flight. It's miserable. Miserable! 

I really need to know if Oregon State knew they had to catch this flight if they lost or not. If they got straight up told to leave the moment they got to the hotel it's the meanest thing I've ever heard. An unexpected 1:15am flight? That sounds horrendous. That's a thing of nightmares. If they knew? Who cares then. Gotta live that student-athlete life. Gotta get back to class according to the NCAA. Hit the music.