I Rewatched "Dave" And This Is Still The Funniest Scene In The History Of Television


I finished watching "The One" on Netflix and it was so bad, like so, so, so bad (2.1 Nateys out of 10) I needed something to wash the stink off my brain and "Dave" came to mind. Not only was it my favorite show I watched during quarantine, but I hadn't re-watched it since. So I pulled up Hulu and flew threw Dave over the last couple of days, and I can confirm the milking scene is still the best/funniest scene in television history. All the build up to it, the fact she had that table made, and then Mike driving up and deadpanning "I guess I'll just park on the street", it's all perfect. A close 2nd would be the hike scene, of course.

"Dave" is just a fantastic show. The finale is an all time amazing episode of TV, from the Jail song/meeting at the label to Dicky doing the freestyle on Breakfast Club, I cannot wait to see how they top it in season 2. I would never doubt Lil Dicky though, guy is a genius through and through. If you still haven't gotten around to watching "Dave", it's your homework for the rest of the week. Next on my list: Ted Lasso. I never bought Apple TV but too many people have recommended it that I no longer have a choice, Ted Lasso will be seen by the end of next week.