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For The First Time In SEVENTY ONE Years Baylor Is Going To The Final Four

It's no secret we're all Muss fans here, so quick shout out to him and building Arkansas back up. But this is about Baylor. This is about how we deserved to get Baylor in the Final Four since they've been a top-2 team all year. Just two losses, both after the COVID pause and to Kansas and Oklahoma State. Not exactly bad losses. But now they finally get to the Final Four for the first time in 71 years. Why? Because Scott Drew did the best rebuilding job in sports. You can throw out someone like Bill Snyder, but Scott Drew took over Baylor after that piece of shit Dave Bliss. He had to deal with not being allowed to play games, massive scholarship losses and oh yeah, dealing with a program that covered up a murder on their team. Not exactly ideal circumstances to deal with. Now we're here with them in the Final Four. 

So what happened tonight? We saw what makes Baylor so fucking difficult. Davion Mitchell is a legit star yet gets overshadowed by Jared Butler on the roster. Mitchell is the guy who makes this team go and we saw him get 3 fouls in the first half. Not a surprise that Baylor was +16 with him on the floor and -8 with him off. But we saw the good version of Butler tonight in the first half. He was attacking and finishing. More importantly we saw them attack Arkansas. Against Villanova, Baylor's bigs were indecisive in the post on the rolls. Tonight they kicked it out or went right up and finished. It was huge. 

When Butler wasn't killing you it was MaCio Teague. I still have no idea how he's such a good shooter with that hitch but it's consistent so who gives a shit? The dude just buries shots. 

Then in the second half Mitchell took over the game. Drew was smart here. He used different designs to get a switch on the Arkansas defense then cleared out space with Teague on the same side so there was space. He used a second faux-screen to bring up the Arkansas big and just let Mitchell attack. It was fucking beautiful. 

At the same time we saw the same old story for Arkansas. They got down double digits pretty much immediately. They did it all Tournament. They just couldn't get a stop, Moses Moody had another bad game, but then they settled in and kept it close. It felt like a win that they had it at 8 at half. They even cut it to 4 in the second half. But you can't play from behind like that against Baylor. This team is just too good. 

So shout out Scott Drew. Like I said, that's the best rebuilding job in sports that we'll see. Now we get a Texas and old school SWC battle in the Final Four with Baylor and Houston. More importantly we have 1 of the 3 best teams all year in the Final Four. That's what we want.