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The Cubs Official Contract Offer To Anthony Rizzo Has Gone Public And It's LAUGHABLE

The Athletic - The Cubs offered Rizzo a five-year extension for $70 million, according to major-league sources. The proposal, an initial offer subject to negotiation, was front-loaded and included escalators that would have enabled Rizzo to earn more on the back end, sources said. But the guarantee was barely more than half of what the Cardinals gave first baseman Paul Goldschmidt...

Reading this in black and white text is like the final body blow from Drago that kills Apollo Creed. I've been wobbling and woozy for a little bit now but this is the one that sends my rib directly through my lung. There's blood everywhere as I rapidly lose consciousness. The lights are fading. I feel cold. Someone make it stop. Someone treat Anthony Rizzo with the respect he deserves. 

The reality is we're off by a solid 50% of the initial offer. Nobody is arguing Rizzo should get Goldschmidt's $130M but you also can't publicly embarrass him with $14M/year. You can't ask him to take a pay cut. That's downright fucking absurd. 

When I first heard the news I remember thinking it was an overreaction from both sides. But heavens to Betsy you honestly can't defend this extension offer. Not when TV revenue is up 19%. Not when we we've already slashed every dollar on the roster. Not when the fans are going nuts at the idea of the front office and executive leadership team being INCAPABLE of keeping a guy like Rizzo happy. Absolutely incredible and crazy twist of events. You have to be so incompetent to let it get to this level. 

I mean honestly just think a couple years ago hearing the Cubs don't have money to negotiate in good faith with Anthony Rizzo. How far would things have to fall? Pretty fucking far honestly... almost to the point that Addison Russell seems like such a distant memory. That's a disgusting way to put things but it's the truth. I'm trying to keep track of us catching a break but do we deserve one if we're the kinda club that takes Ian Happ to court over a couple hundred thousand? 

Probably not but who am I to play god. I'm just a blogger. A very confused, unhappy, disappointed blogger.