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If You've Got A Problem With J's Flying Pizza We Can Meet At Cumbys On 104 And Swap Smacks Over It

Boston Globe. Getty Images.

I don't know if I've ever met anyone who is as passionate about anything as people from the South Shore are about bar pizza. You leave the South Shore you don't hear about this shit absolutely anywhere, yet you go to any establishment southeast of Dedham and it's all you see. Folks have their favorites, and if you have a different favorite you will get beaten mercilessly. And if you don't like the character of the chefs in the kitchen, even they will throw hands over it. Especially at J's Flying Pizza.

I've never been more on someone's side in my entire life. Did you get into the pizza game to make pals or delicious pies? Because J's Flying only does pies. You want a friend go to the park. That's not what J's is about. J's is about quality bar pizza will no time for anything thrills or frills. You wanna get mouthy about it we can settle this at Cumbys on 104 like adults. We're serving up hand sandwiches for all every hour on the hour. Not hungry for a sandwich? We can swap smacks until our faces are redder than baboon ass. Dealers choice. Eat Pizza or Eat a Dick might have to be a shirt on sale within the hour.