Hue Jackson Says The Browns Gave Him A Secret Contract Extension When He Was 1-23 That No One Knows About

So Hue Jackson went on ESPN Cleveland radio today (not sure why we still give this bum a platform to speak) and tried his best to throw shade at the Cleveland Browns organization. In my opinion, all he did was confirm what everyone already knew: he is single handedly the biggest buffoon to ever coach a team in NFL history. I mean, yeah, we were bad for another year with Freddie Kitchens (#2 worst to ever to it), but since we got someone with a brain on the headset, we're one of the hottest organizations in all of sports. The Browns are a clear top 10 team in every single published Power Rankings these days and are even cracking the top 5 in some. And that's a credit to getting Hue Jackson as far away from a leadership role as possible.

Hue said today that he was the "fall guy" for the Browns narrative. Uhh, buddy you went 3-36-1 as a head coach. We didn't need to create a narrative....your record did that for you. I cannot comprehend how this man takes literally ZERO responsibility for winning 3 out of 40 games. But we've known that's been his move for years. What we didn't know was the #1 most outrageous claim he made today: 

Riiiiiiiiight. No way, right? In the midst of an 0-16 season, one that followed a 1-15 season, the Browns decided to give Hue Jackson a top secret contract extension and didn't tell anyone? Listen I'm not saying the Browns front office was full of geniuses at the time, but no one in their right mind gets extended when they're 1-23. And if they did, then SOMEONE in the media would've picked up on it between the time it happened and 4 years later. 

However, with that being said, I do believe in the phrase "where there's smoke there's fire". Why would Hue be making this up? He's obviously trying to clear his name and get back into the NFL with a lot of these accusations about how it was the Browns fault, not his, for why he won 8% of his games. But this doesn't help that at all? Or does it just pile onto the narrative that the Browns were such a train wreck that they consistently made bad move after bad move? I'm not sure what he gains from creating this story.....maybe he's just trying to sell a bunch of books?

Good answer. We're on to bigger and better things. The dude doesn't deserve a reply.