Weber State Designed the Best Big Man Touchdown You've Ever Seen

Anytime we get a big man touchdown, it's a day worthy of celebration. But when it comes in March on one of the most beautifully designed plays I've ever seen, it lights up the world even more than usual.

Several times every season, we'll see a lineman fall on a fumble in the end zone or take a handoff as a fullback for a score — and those are great in their own rights. If you get really lucky, an offensive coordinator might get crazy enough to line up a tackle just far enough back that he's not on the line of scrimmage and throw him a short pass. But never before have I seen a coach draw up a downfield lateral for an offensive lineman. It's so beautiful.

This is winning football. For far too long, we have relegated half the offense to being the big fellas who just have to sit there and do all the dirty work so the small guys can look good. Well no more. I hope Weber State continues to revolutionize the game by pitching it all over the field to the big boys. This play could have gone for 60 if they wanted it to.

And the Wildcats were rewarded for being as innovative as they were, as they completed a Hail Mary as time expired to beat Northern Arizona. Give the ball to your linemen and good things happen.