MLB Sucks At Promoting Its Product, But I Have A Couple Ideas For Opening Day That Could Change That

We're balls deep in March Madness right now. Love basketball or not, it's the best tournament in all of sports. I'm FAR from a hoops fan, it's a distant 3rd or 4th favorite sport of mine, but I obviously love March Madness as it's the best thing on earth to gamble on and gamble on legally and responsibly through the Barstool Sportsbook app (if you're in IL, MI or PA. New states coming soon). 

Anyways, they have perfected the scheduling of the tournament. In non-pandemic years, we have games tipping off what, every 15 mins or so Thursday and Friday then every hour or so on those Saturday and Sunday? It's bliss. Just watch a bunch of kids like Cade Cunningham that nobody has ever heard of (IYKYK) draining threes and putting themselves on the map. Or you got kids like Max Abmas going OFF in the tourney, and Max Abmas is about to go pro in something other than sports:

It's storyline after storyline and it's awesome. And I think MLB should try to duplicate it as much as possible, because MLB SUCKS ASS at marketing their own product. Small side note - If I wanted to watch the Sox this Thursday from my computer, I wouldn't be able to unless I illegally streamed the game. They black out streams of local teams. It's UNREAL how stupid that is!! The only reason anyone would pay for whatever package it is that gives you every game (other than your local teams) is so you can watch your team. Not the other 29 teams. It's ridiculous.

So MLB needs to cut the shit with that. And they need to emulate NCAA basketball's scheduling for opening day. Get all the networks involved - TBS, TruTV, CBS, etc. - and stagger start times every hour or so for the first 3 days of the season. Start on the east coast at noon and work westward. All 15 games nationally televised at once. Make it a fucking HOLIDAY because for baseball fans as big as me and others, it is one. It's a day we earmark every single year. The issue is is that diehards like myself are few and far between these days. It sucks, but it's the truth. MLB has nobody to blame but themselves. 

That, and they should have something similar to NFL Red Zone for the rest of the season. Get some dude who has an absurdly large bladder like Scott Hanson and have him call all the bases loaded situations. That, and anytime a superstar is like Mike Trout is hitting, cut away to his at bat. Get as many eyeballs on your stars as possible. I know they sort of have this already, but nothing that's actually official like Red Zone. 

But MLB won't do any of this, we know that. They are so archaic in how they market their product it's ridiculous. Can't tweet highlights, can't watch your home team on your laptop if you're physically located in that market, can't watch Mike Trout anytime you want unless it's a clip tweeted from an official account well after the fact. It's awful. I hate how bad they are at promotion and marketing. They need to figure it out, but this has gone on so long that I doubt they every do. Sucks.

Here's a 2021 White Sox hype video for all of yous. They're going to run a train on baseball this year: