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Charles Barkley Pops On The NCAA Tournament After Show And Blasts The NCAA While Encouraging Mike Woodson To Cheat At Indiana

Just beautiful stuff here from Charles Barkley. You think he gives a shit that he's on the NCAA show? That this is the only channel that has all the highlights and carries the NCAA Tournament games and he's out here spending a solid minute ranting about how the NCAA sucks. It's beautiful. Now, I disagree with him about the whole 'cheating' thing because who cares? I simply don't care that Will Wade and Sean Miller allegedly paid players. You force the NCAA to make a ruling. 

But this is spot on stuff from Barkley. The NCAA is as reactionary as any organization in the history of the world. They wait to see what people do and how people react and then do something. They refuse to just make the smart decision first. Then Mark Emmert will put blame on everyone else and claim that there's some sort of rule that prevents them from being logical. 

I will say - laugh out loud funny that Barkley just flat out thinks Mike Woodson needs to cheat. Don't necessarily disagree. Indiana needs anything and everything for help right now. They aren't winning games. They aren't doing anything currently, so why not go with the 'get some damn good players' route? It's really their last shot. I'd love to see Barkley on staff just for a day. I need to see him sitting there in compliance trying to understand all the rules. Sound advice though. Everyone hates the Mike Woodson hire, so if he just cheats it's a win-win. Let me be clear about Woodson. He's a good coach. But Indiana clearly had him as a 5th or 6th option. That's not a good look for a supposed blue blood program. 

If this was all a play just for Chuck to not have to do the NCAA Tournament anymore it's a grade A move. Never change, Chuck.