Alexi Lalas Wants - Nay He Needs - A Bunch Of Tequila After Goddamn Honduras Kept The US Out Of The Olympics Again

I blame KFC. Flat out, the first person I blame whenever something happens with US Soccer and Honduras is KFC. The real ultimate mush and guy who is public enemy number 1 for Honduras. 

Legit might be my favorite KFC battle. Anyways, all the US Team had to do was beat Honduras last night. Guess what? We lost 2-1 with this sort of shit happening: 

How the fuck does that happen? We're the United States! We shouldn't be losing to shit like Honduras in soccer. I don't care if this isn't our top U-23 roster. I don't care if all these names are missing: 

Yeah Berhalter fucked up and took all these guys for International Friendlies instead of the Olympic qualifying, but you have to bet a guy named Gregg with two g's will make a dumb decision. I don't care. I need tequila too. We need to stop losing to Honduras and Trinidad and Tobago and all these countries that are the size of Delaware. Not making the Olympics 3 times in a row is flat out embarrassing. Now, this isn't as scorched Earth as the last time Lalas ranted after a bad loss: 


Yes, we're in the golden generation of our soccer era. All these guys under the age of 25 playing in the top leagues and we have some hope. But we can't be missing the Olympics. The USMNT should be in the World Cup and Olympics every single go round. Fucking embarrassing.