I Double Dog Dare You To Find Me A Saucier Empty Net Goal Than This Minnesota State Bar Down Snipe

The Minnesota State Mavericks are heading to the Frozen Four for the first time in program history. This bar down laser from center ice was the final dagger to make sure that none of the top 4 seeded teams in the tournament would be left playing at the Frozen Four. Wisconsin had already lost their first matchup against Bemidji. St. Cloud State took down Boston College yesterday. Minnesota Duluth took down North Dakota in an epic 5OT marathon

And then no matter what, there was going to be a 3rd team from the beautiful state of Minnesota going to the party. But it just came down to U of M or State. Dallas Gerads said fuck it, let's just send the boys to the Frozen Four for the first time since forever. 

Let this be a spicy reminder that not all empty netters are created equal. This isn't a give up shot from the bottom of the circles to gently put the finishing touches on the game. This was a frickin' laser beam from center ice that slapped the ice so hard after going bar Mexico that I think you'll still be able to hear it ring in Pittsburgh on April 8 for the semifinal game. I'm almost surprised that puck didn't bounce up so high it went bar down a 2nd time. Just out there making that puck clap. 

Minnesota State vs St. Cloud State. Minnesota-Duluth vs UMass. I can only imagine how gracefully the state of Massachusetts will handle it if they come out of this Minnesota gauntlet of a Frozen Four with the title.