Evan Mobley Had Enough Of Oregon So He Decided To Murder A Man With A Dunk

Somewhere you know Nate Duncan is just shaking his fist about how Mobley had just 10 points or how he just attempted 6 field goals yet we're talking about this. Well, unlike Nate Duncan we're not nerds. Dunks like this in the NCAA Tournament are fucking awesome. Basically as disrespectful as you can get with a dunk. It was so filthy the refs just straight up decided to not call Mobley catching some elbows to the face during it. Probably didn't want to stop the game to let USC celebrate, which is fair. That celebration for the dunk + beating Oregon in the Sweet 16 should last a minimum 5 minutes. This right here though? This is the face of a man who is going to be a top-3 pick in the NBA Draft. A man who is playing on an Elite Eight team and a man who just realized he'll be on One Shining Moment no matter what. Basically smiling at the scene of the crime. 

Oh and what little treat do we get for this? 

Fuck yes.