There's Nothing Like Some Hate Between Rivals - Auburn Fans Rolled Toomer's Corner After Alabama Lost Last Night

Could you say it's lame that you're celebrating another team losing? Yeah, but that's what happens during the NCAA Tournament. The moment your team doesn't make it or gets knocked out, you start cheering for teams you hate to lose. Throw in your rival having its dream season being ended by an 11 seed and you roll the shit out of Toomer's Corner. You gotta celebrate something when you're on probation and weren't even eligible to make the NCAA Tournament. It's been forever since you can celebrate anything so you take Alabama losing and you party. Why not? It's college. You find any reason to party and here we are on a Sunday night looking to party. 

So again is it lame? Yeah, but this is about hate. We need as much hate in sports rivalries as possible. ports are built on rivalries and hatred. If you don't hate and I mean truly hate another team, you're living life wrong. You do anything to see them in pain and lose important games. You want them to think they are about to experience ecstasy only to end up crying on the bench.

Great prep for football season when Alabama never loses. Just smart for Auburn to take advantage of hoops season here. Get your wins when you can.