Michigan Kicking Florida State's Ass Proved One Thing - The ACC Was Embarrassing As Hell This Year

What an absolute ass kicking. Only way to describe that. Best of the Big 10 vs best of the ACC and uh it wasn't close. Now don't get me wrong. FSU caught a bad whistle, but that doesn't change a 20 point game. For all the jokes we got off about the Big 10 and rightfully so last weekend, the ACC was fucking embarrassing this year. Just not a good conference. FSU got exposed against Michigan. Virginia, yeah, they were there. Uhh, there was UNC and Clemson and Virginia Tech. Who could forget about all those teams? I guess Syracuse did help save them. Credit to Syracuse for the two wins. Just an awful year of ACC basketball and now there isn't an ACC team in the Elite 8 for the first time since 2014. 

This was one of the, if not the, most impressive game from a team so far in the NCAA Tournament. Michigan without Livers just kicked Florida State's ass from the start. The defense forced FSU's hand who rolled all season without a true point guard. The drop coverage forced FSU into early shots instead of attacking. They turned turnovers into easy points. This was the game that I was most wrong about. It felt like FSU had the mismatch with no Livers out there, but Gray picks up 2 early fouls and Michigan just dominated. It didn't matter. They exposed FSU's lack of offense in the game and really exposed just how bad the ACC was this year. 

So damn impressive what Michigan is doing and what Juwan Howard is doing. Everything he's done has been correct. From keeping Saddi Washington to hiring Martelli and Eisley to his recruiting strategy, landing Brown/Smith as transfers. He just knows how to coach, flat out. It's paying off. Basketball school.