Randy Dobnak Used To Drive Uber And Lyft To Make Extra Money While In The Minors, This Weekend He Agreed To A 5-Year, $9.25 Million Extension With The Twins

Randy Dobnak jumped onto the scene back in 2019 with the Twins. He was the goofy looking, glasses wearing minor league pitcher who had been an Uber and Lyft driver since October 2017 and boasted a 4.99/5 rating. Well he doesn't have to worry about your 5 star ratings anymore because the Twins are rewarding Dobnak with a 5-year, $9.25 Million contract extension full of club options and the deal can max out at $29.75 Million with incentives. You talk about your ultimate come up, Dobnak is living it. I'm sure there were plenty of nights where Randy was driving some ignorant drunk kid in his car and he was thinking that he would never reach the bigs, let alone find a home on a team. Well he doesn't have to worry about that because he made the opening day roster and is gonna get paid handsomely for the foreseeable future. These are the guys in baseball that you root for.

It's a hell of a deal for a guy who pitched less than 80 innings in his entire MLB career, went undrafted out of Alderson Broaddus University in West Virginia, signed for $500 with the Twins after pitching in the United Shore Professional Baseball League. That is a Disney movie right there. It was awesome when he made that start in the playoffs back in 2019 and even thought he got shelled by the Yankees, it was a hell of a story for him. Now he doesn't have to worry about if he has to drive Uber anymore, he doesn't have to care how far a drive is, he is set. He'll make more in April than he has made in his entire professional baseball career which probably wasn't a thought in his brain at this time three seasons ago. He's been awesome thing spring too, 0.66 ERA and 18 Ks in 13 2/3 innings, safe to say he'll be a weapon for the Twins this season.

Such an easy guy to root for, hell of an underdog story.