Vicente Luque Chokes Out Tyron Woodley In A WILD Co-Main Event

Tonight's co-main event, Vicente Luque vs Tyron Woodley, wasn't here for a long time, but god dammit if it wasn't here for a good time!

Woodley (on a three-fight losing streak coming into tonight) started off strong, coming outta the gate with more aggression than he's shown in quite some time, but quickly got overwhelmed by the power of Luque, put to the canvas, and choked out.

This may have to be it for Woodley, at least in the UFC. I can't imagine that he fights again for the company. If he doesn't wanna retire, Bellator may be lookin at their latest signing.

Afterwards, Luque (very politely) called out Nate Diaz, and while I don't think he'll get that fight - shoot your shot!!! I love it!!!

Alright I gotta go - main event is starting now! Let's go Stiopic!