TINKLE MAGIC! Oregon State Just Became The Second 12 Seed EVER To Make An Elite Eight

Let's check in on Sister Jean real quick: 

 What a damn game by Oregon State. For all the talk that Porter Moser got leading into this game and rightfully so, Wayne Tinkle was the best coach for those 40 minutes. His switch to the 1-2-2 press and extended zone won Oregon State the game. Flat out won them the game. Loyola's offense is predicated on two main things. Backcuts and playing through Krutwig both in the high and low post. The zone took that away. Loyola had open looks, don't get me wrong, but they missed everything. They were flustered and it was all because of that zone. Absolute masterclass there by Tinkle. 


At the same time Ethan Thompson put on a fucking shot. I'm so glad America is finding out how good this guy is since most people aren't tuning into Oregon State regular season games late night. All Pac-12 player and just dropped 22. He had one of the best defenders in the country on him in Lucas Williamson and Thompson never really panicked. He kept attacking. Then Lucas, who struggled in this game even sitting with foul trouble, hit an absolute dagger. 

Seriously though, look how ridiculous Oregon State's run is dating back to the Pac-12 Tournament: 

Oregon State was down double digits in that game. Beat UCLA, won the Pac-12 Tournament, smoked Tennessee, beat Oklahoma State and now in the Elite Eight. They are just the second 12 seed ever to make the Elite Eight. 


Tied for the lowest seed to ever make the Elite Eight. Wayne Tinkle, man. This is also the worst/best part of the NCAA Tournament. Does Loyola beat Oregon State 7 out of 10 times? Probably. But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter that shooting woes happened now. Oregon State is in the Elite Eight. Only one man saw this coming. 

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More respect to Bud Ossey