I'd Like To Humbly Request Alexander Ovechkin Does This Every Year For Another 15 Years


This man is too good at it. Too good. He's good to the point where, 16 seasons into his career, I am still astonished when he scores like that. Still. He's just a magician the way he can bury goals from his office, no questions asked.

And that was goal 2 of the night, the first one being a dandy of its own.



With that goal he now has 9 in the last 8 games, chasing another Rocket Richard.



I said it after his slow start in February- he came into the season out of shape, he had COVID over the offseason, he spent his summer drinking vodka in Russia and partying with billionaires. But come March, watch out. And he's doing exactly what he was put on Earth to do- score goals and be amazing at hockey. 

I'm hoping he plays another 15 seasons so he can play with Ovi Jr. Is that asking too much? I don't think so. Ok fine. Ovi Jr can join the league when he's 13. Fair compromise.