This Throw From Zach Wilson's Pro Day Was Bananas

Over in Utah, Zach Wilson and his BYU brotheren took part in a Pro Day for all the scouts to see. There were rumors that Zach Wilson was not 6'2 (classic NFL Draft season rumor, you have to love it) and had small hands. Those both turned out to be false. 9 1/2 hands are gigantic and his height is more than enough inches to get it done in the NFL.

The debate surrounding Wilson has kind of faded away. It appears as if Wilson is the consensus #2 QB in this class and destined to go to the Jets or whoever trades up for that pick. How did we get here with the BYU QB? We could do a whole breakdown, but this throw from today isn't a bad Sparknotes for his talent.

Serious Patrick Mahomes vibes here from Zach Wilson. Let's just review what he did:

-Rolling out to his left

-Throws to the middle-right side of the field

-55-60 yards in the air.

-Oh yeah, he is a righty.

As a Jets fan, I am getting more and more excited about him every day. I won't be necessarily mad if they trade out of the pick, but if he is the Jets QB of the future, I'm 100% in. I've been a Sam Darnold apologist for too long. The guy just doesn't have it. Go get Mormon Jesus and let's rock and roll.