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Here's Frank The Tank's LIVE REACTION To The Dolphins Trading The 3rd Overall Pick To The 49ers

Thank fucking god Frank The Tank is feeling better and back in HQ3. The vibes simply weren't the same without him past couple weeks and he's truly one of the best 1 take talents we have here. Truly a wizard king who NEVER misses. 

And it sneaky seems like Frank is more tortured by the Dolphins than the Mets?

Whoops sorry about that was about to provide some false journalism there! Can't have that if I'm gonna keep working this Viva beat... guess I shouldn't be surprised the Mets are the #1 torturer of his soul though. But I'm glad I got to the bottom of Frank's trade take because even after that 69 second speech it was still a little unclear?


-Can confirm Duggs is the nicest person ever

-Frank not only doesn't like the Dolphins/49ers trade but "HATES IT"

-Frank says time to roll with Tua since no better QB out there available 

-Frank says the owner of the Dolphins has a sign in his office that reads "7-9 IS JUST FINE" 

-These are journalistic facts and cannot be disputed in a court of law, also cannot wait for this soda review to drop today…