Need A Pick Me Up? A Great Dude Took His Pal Out For A Ride In A Lambo And The Entire World Became Good Just For A Moment

This video went wildly viral a few weeks ago. I've been dick deep in a move where seemingly every single thing that could have gone wrong did. The floors got fucked up by a contractor, the toilets are broken from what a plumber is calling "thick piss," every worker was late and there are boxes everywhere. It's been a nightmare. My advice after living in the same house for ten years is that if you wanna move, dont. It's that simple.

However, if you do move, move at a time when you can see videos like this one. Ole boy driving reminds me of the washed up soccer player on Ted Lasso. He doesnt wanna be kind. He doesnt wanna cry as a result of the result of his kindness but when his pal is geeked the fuck out, what else can he do? When someone is that happy, you wanna cry. And you know what, you should. Let that shit out. Cry. I know I will.