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Not A Fake Xavier Fan Account - Cincinnati Is Apparently Doing A Full Review Of Allegations Into Its Basketball Team

What the hell is Cincinnati doing here? This is not the sort of comment you put out to help save the program. Also how are you just putting this statement out now and not when, you know, every single person was leaving the program? 

There are a bunch of rumors out there as to why but it's clear that there's a massive disconnect between the players and John Brannen. Because I don't want to get sued I'm not going to list those rumors, just search them. You'll find it. In fact it's even easier to find now that this story is out there. It's not surprising they are doing a review, but this statement is just uhh, yikes, to say the least. It's worth noting that we have no idea what the 'review' is going into though. Just allegations into the program. 

At this point I don't even know why you'd keep Brannen if you're Cincinnati. Sure, you got the buyout and whatnot, but you're Cincinnati. This was the face of the AAC before Houston passed them. This is a program that's consistently a top-25 program. It's not even remotely close to that right now. Sometimes you have to cut your ties and move on. Are you really just going to have him for another year only to fire him after they suck next year? Why not bring in someone you can and have them start rebuilding the program? 

I'll say this - this gets REAL interesting now: 

If Frank Martin comes available that's a no-brainer for Cincinnati. He was an assistant for the team from 2004-06. He's a Huggins guy. He's made to coach at either Miami or Cincinnati. If he decides to leave South Carolina, that's the first call that you make if you're Cincinnati. 

What a wild ass offseason so far that's technically not even here yet. Indiana, Texas, Oklahoma all with jobs still open. Marquette landing Shaka. Cincinnati doing a review of its program. DePaul trying to make a splash. One of the crazier weeks off the court that I can remember in the coaching world.