You Want College Hoops To Get Nuts, Let's Get Nuts - Shaka Smart Is Reportedly Leaving Texas And Taking The Marquette Job

Oh let's go. Let's get this coaching carousel wrapping all the way around. Now this isn't a surprise. It's been a rumor basically since the moment Marquette fired Wojo. Shaka Smart needed to get out of Texas, that was even more true when they lost to ACU. You could just see it coming. Shaka has been on the hot seat for a couple years, seemed to save himself a bit with a decent year and winning the Big 12 Tournament. But then that loss to ACU just brought everything crashing back down to Earth. It was a shitty coaching performance and a horrendous performance by the players. But that falls on Shaka. 

Marquette basically had two ways to go here. Hire Shaka or Porter Moser. Either one was a win. They are going with Shaka, who is from Wisconsin. I know we can sit here and nitpick what he did at Texas, but it's sort of a perfect fit at Marquette. What made Shaka so good at VCU was being able to get 4-year players into the system and buy into HAVOC. He couldn't do that at Texas. He had to adjust with recruiting 5-stars and that's not how you run HAVOC. He had a ton of expectations at Texas despite it being a football school. It hit a low point last year when this was the showing for a home game: 


Just bad all around. But back to Marquette, it's a great job for Shaka to take. It's a damn good job that is underrated. They have A TON of money in the program. They have recent success. They have guys in the NBA and a face in D Wade that every single recruit knows. Smart can blend a couple 5-star guys if he wants there with the 3-4 year guys. It's the exact sort of spot that you can do that. Not to mention the Big 12 is way more of a grind than the Big East. It's tougher to get swallowed up in the Big East than what happened with Texas and the Big 12. 

As for Texas? There's one option here. Throw as much money as you have, which is a shit ton, to Chris Beard. Yes, coaches moving within the conference is rare. But this has been the rumor ever since Shaka was on the hot seat. You try anything and everything to land Beard. It makes too much sense outside of him leaving Texas Tech. Plus Beard stays in Texas and would immediately win over a fanbase. Texas basketball should always be good and that's what it'd be under Beard. I have no idea who else they'd go after, but it's now a huge job opening. 

Let's also get ahead of the story here. Rick Pitino isn't going to Texas. He's staying at Iona but I can't wait for him to put out a statement about it. 

I'll save my thoughts on Marquette hiring Shaka fully until we know which version shows up: 

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