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Who Wants To Go To Tulum With This Instagram Model? I do!

Hey Veronica! You got room for a 5'7" internet blogger on that ledge??? If you do I know a guy!!! He's short, but he's got a fucking ROCKET of an arm, runs marathons and is disgustingly attractive so long as he doesn't let his eyeball bear grow out... but even then, that eyeball beard is "distinguished", many people say, and you look like the kinda girl that LOVES a distinguished dude. And if you're not looking for a 5'7" internet blogger to sit on that pool ledge with you? Well fuck you then. IF YOU DON'T WANT HIM HE DOESN'T WANT YOU

I'm sorry I yelled. Time to get lost in this pictorial in the most non-creepy way possible.

Oh and speaking of Tulum, General Smitty and I are dropping in Verdansk NOW!