A Top-10 Recruit Picking Gonzaga Over Creighton Two Days Before The Two Teams Play In The Sweet 16 Is Damn Near Bullying

Hunter Sallis might be the best point guard in the class of 2021. There's a reason 247 has him as the No. 6 overall recruit. He can do shit like this: 

Or shit like this: 

Basically I'm trying to say he's awesome. But you know where he's from? Omaha. Yep, the same place as Creighton. Hell, Creighton was a finalist for him. Could have stayed at home and been a hero for Creighton taking over for Marcus Zegarowski. But instead he goes to Gonzaga because Gonzaga is a wagon. They are now getting one and dones with Jalen Suggs, Sallis and they are the favorite for Chet Holmgren. Yeah, this guy:

But I'm worried about Creighton. This is starting to be straight up bullying by Gonzaga. Landing a top-10 recruit over them and two days later playing a Sweet 16 game where Gonzaga is a 13.5 point favorite. It's also a game where I'm not exactly sure Creighton can do anything to match up with Gonzaga. Creighton likes to play fast, that plays right into Gonzaga's hand. If they want to slow it down, Gonzaga can play through 4 different guys on offense. Oh not to mention this might be the meanest thing he could have said: 


Bro, you had a school in Omaha recruiting you. I can't stop laughing at this. I'd get it if he wasn't considering Creighton, but uh Creighton was a finalist. That just seems mean. 

PS: Yeah, I know Kentucky was a finalist too. But Kentucky started to get ruled out in the winter. Not ideal, but this is what happens when you have the worst season ever. Need Skyy Clark to reclassify or Devin Askew to really take that sophomore jump. This is about Creighton though. Not everything is about Kentucky, duh.